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Custom Sprinter Vans

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Sandy Vans

Focused on Living.

Adventure Ready

Your luxury adventure sprinter van is waiting..

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Designed to get you
where you need to go without sacrifices

Sports Enthusiasts

Our design process took months of practice to create perfection. The SV signature layout provides a spacious interior while ensuring we have a place to keep all your gear protected. Pack up your surfboards, kiteboarding equipment, kayaks, mountain bikes, moto and go!

Work From Where YOU Adventure

We design with efficiency in mind, our vans can be equipped with systems like Starlink to keep the grind going no matter where you are. Starlink is the ultimate accessory to keep you connected when you're unconnected - but feel free to unplug at anytime and be completely off-grid!

Financing Available

This is a life changing purchase, we are here to help you through the process every step of the way. We have multiple options to choose from when it comes to financing your new Adventure Van.

*Up to 15 yr RV loan financing available*

Our Mission

Van Accessories

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Sandy Vans Boost Box

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Interior Lined Carpet
52 lbs
All Aluminium
Fits all Universal Hanger Racks
Built in Hanger System
22,950 Cubic Inches
Free Installation
Available Now

Other Van Supply

Interior Lined Carpet
75 lbs
All Aluminium
Fits All Universal Hanger Racks
Built In Hanger System
16,800 Cubic Inches
$150 Install
Limited Stock




You’re more than what your car says you are. You need your vehicle to be more than a van.


We craft modular Sprinter Vans designed to get you
where you need to go without sacrifices.

Work From Anywhere

Sports Accessible

Safe and Reliable

What it Means
to Drive Sandy

Hnadcrafted Rides, made with love in San Diego, California

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We are designing the future of work and play.. all in one place

Crafted by explorers and action sports enthusiasts with a keen eye for design. Relentless pursuit in creation of the ultimate layout, one that keeps you doing that you love while having all the room and amenities necessary for working where you adventure. Starlink integration and modular work-sleep system helps maximize  space while also encouraging a work-life balance. Our vans are tried, true and tested in all elements.

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