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Online purchase warning Before finalizing your purchase with Sandy Vans LLC, we require that you read and acknowledge the following: By clicking “agree” below you agree to follow the manufacturer’s included instructions, read all warnings, and to only use the product you purchase for its intended purpose and in compliance with all state, local, and/or federal laws or regulations. All Sandy Vans LLC. products must be properly assembled and secured before attaching to your vehicle. Improper installation, attachment, or use could result in an accident, automobile or otherwise, which could cause serious property damage of bodily injury or death to you or to others involved. You are responsible for assembling and securing Sandy Vans products to your vehicle, checking the mounting points and attachments prior to use, and regularly inspecting the products for wear and or damage. Sandy Vans recommends you use a professional to install any aftermarket accessories to your vehicle. If you have no mechanical experience and are not thoroughly familiar with the installation procedures, you must have the product installed by a professional installer or other qualified person. The responsibility is yours and must be taken seriously for everyone's safety.

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