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Crafting Rides. Building Tribes

Sandy Vans. Crafting Rides. Building Tribes

Built for those who believe adventures
are best shared

A few passionate watersports adventurers came together with an idea to make van life more accessible, by bringing reasonably priced product kits to the van life community. Leaving our full time positions within engineering, supply chain, sales & finance – with a goal to put wheels under every keen adventurer.

We are working hard on designing products that work and shipped to your doorstep. Allowing you to build your dream van right in your driveway.

Utilizing these same products, we can do the build for you. Sandy Vans provides rigs dirt road ready for purchase today!

Collaboration is Key

Sharing ideas and expertise makes for refined products and the best user experience possible. These partners & Sand Vans' team members are instrumental in bringing our products to life!

the wood Worker
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Team Sandy Vans

Making it Happen

Sandy Vans Team

Sandy Vans is a camper van conversion company based out of sunny San Diego, California. United by a common mission, the company was founded by a group of engineers, designers, carpenters, and adventure-seekers.

Our team believes camper vans are the best way to connect with community and the natural world. To us a van represents freedom and our mission is to make you feel more alive.